Spring/Boot Interview Questions

Prototype bean inside a singleton bean

    void getBlog() {
        Blog blogInstance1 = applicationContext.getBean("blog3", Blog.class);
        Blog blogInstance2 = applicationContext.getBean("blog3", Blog.class);
        Author authorInstance1 = blogInstance1.getAuthor();
        Author authorInstance2 = blogInstance2.getAuthor();

Author(Prototype) is present inside Blog(singleton).On execution, this test case passes.

You might be expecting the second assertion to fail. Because Author being a prototype, Spring should have created two different bean instances.

So why does the equality assertion passes?

This is known as the scoped bean injection problem. In Spring, dependencies are resolved at instantiation time. This means when you autowire the Author prototype-scoped bean into the Blog singleton-scoped bean, Spring will:

  1. Instantiate a brand new Author prototype bean.
  2. Inject the Author instance into the singleton Blog bean. That exact same Author instance will be the sole instance that is ever supplied to the Blog bean


byteprogramming-o-0-1. jar —executable jar

byteprogramming-o-0-1.original. jar —Non- executable jar

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